A vision for the future. Concrete actions for today.

YHU Montreal Saint-Hubert has adopted a new image to reflect the new life of YOUR airport. In tune with our environment, YHU is committed to offering modern, efficient and accessible airport services to passengers, airlines and the various aviation professions. In the near future, YHU will offer you the best prices for flights to sun destinations as well as to several Canadian and American cities. Welcome to YHU: where dynamism and innovation drive our actions.

Most accessible airport

Fly away

As a travel facilitator, YHU Montreal Saint-Hubert is accessible to all levels. Strategically located, 15 minutes from downtown Montreal, YHU is your starting point to travel around Quebec. Even remote locations become within your reach! Travel differently: it's here and now.

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Your home land

Business aviation: choose YHU for your drop-off. This urban setting, surrounded by vast gardens, is your choice location to enjoy a multitude of services on site and nearby. We welcome you with open arms to make you feel at home.

Involved and committed

The environment has been YHU’s concerns for decades. Our environmental committee listens to citizens’ concerns and implements concrete actions to reduce the ecological footprint of our activities.

Since 2018, YHU is proud to participate in the ALVÉOLE project by hosting beehives on the roof of its building. This tasty urban beekeeping initiative is in line with our sustainable development policies, and let’s bet that our bees are particularly happy to roam YHU’s vast territory, composed of 70% cultivated land!

Discover our environmental initiatives:

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